About WYBS

630 Sig Prn Profile

91 Hr14

55 Palm Beach Eden Rose

40 Class Bottom Job

44 Uniesse Skylark 2

49jrwinter3SERVICE is part of our company name. We provide a comprehensive thorough experience from the boat search to the ownership experience.

Bill Walczak started in the yacht brokerage business in 1981 after his first tour in the Marines.
WYBS LLC was opened in Annapolis in 1991.
Our firm has represented 1,986~ vessel sales. We handle the purchase sale of both91 Hr1450mjm1540 Class Bottom Job power and sail.

WYBS is unlike any other brokerage company you have worked with. We have excessive experience in systems, engines, drivetrains and build quality saving our buyers and sellers time and money.

Our team is constantly on the move inspecting boats for our busy clients and narrowing the search.

We offer Yacht Maintenance to our clients through Capt. Rob Simkins. Packages tailored to your ownership style.

Members of IYBA, YYBA and Licensed and bonded in states requiring, Florida and Maryland.
We are located on Back Creek 612 3rd street, suite 4-A Annapolis, MD 21403