Winterize or Go South?



I am always amazed to hear peoples travel abroad stories, but they have never been to Bald Head Island or Georgetown, SC or Onancock, VA.
Cruise south or winterize is a very simple question to answer.
*No use of the boat for 6 months
*Engine cylinders rust from lack of use
*Valve guide seals dry out from lack of lubrication
*Cost is high and you had zero enjoyment

Think of it as tying a dog to a tree for 6 months. Not good.
Go South:
*The secret is to have no schedule, relax and enjoy the trip
*Take your time and enjoy the stops with late departures and early arrivals
*Not necessary to go 1000 miles or more. Charleston, Beaufort, SC, Hilton Head, St Simons, Savannah, St. Augustine or a month in each.
*Yes, the trip in fuel, dockage etc is not cheap but the memories and enjoyment last a lifetime.