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Boats contracting over asking price with multiple offers was a new experience. That was the market in 2021. 2022 is a new world. Certainly not a crash however a quick taper back to normal more analytical buyers. No one seems to be in a big hurry (damn vaccine). We are starting to see inventory increase in most areas. Still strong demand for some red hot models. Late model 48 Sabre salon, Palm Beach 45′-55′. . The brokers, dealers and owners are very slow to correct prices but it is happening.
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Centrally located in Annapolis MD since 1991. We serve buyers and sellers of yachts worldwide with over 1,986 vessel transactions to date. Power and Sail. All our agents have 100’s of near and offshore trips to their credit as well as hundreds of surveys. You will benefit from our experience.

Yacht Management

We inspect vessels before our clients travel. Delivery and orientation to insure our clients have an enjoyable experience.

Extensive experience in running gear, systems and maintenance required to the benefit of our clients.


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